GMT Drill Chucks

Product Overview
Drill chucks remain unsurpassed in convenience and versatility when it comes to general hole drilling. Our ball bearing drill chucks feature integral shanks for maximum rigidity and concentricity. All chucks are nickel plated except for the CAT40-DC625B, BT40-DC500B, and NT40-DC500 which are black oxided.

Gripping Capacity
  • CAT40-DC500: 1/32"-1/2"
  • CAT40-DC625: 3/32"-5/8"
  • CAT40-DC625B: 3/32"-5/8"
  • BT40-DC500: 1/32"-1/2"
  • NT40-DC500: 1/32"-1/2"
  • R8-DC500: 1/64"-1/2"
  • R8-DC625: 3/64"-5/8"
  • MT2-DC500: 1/64"-1/2"
  • MT3-DC500: 1/64"-1/2"

  • Ball bearing construction
  • Electroless nickel plating
  • TiN coated jaws
  • Integral shanks
  • CAT40: < 0.0012" runout or better
  • R8: < 0.0020" runout or better
  • Spanner wrench included for heavy duty applications

IMPORTANT: Please note that the chuck body of the CAT40-DC500 is 1.88" in diameter and may not be compatible with the ATC swingarm of some older machines.
CAT40-DC500 Drill Chuck, CAT40 Taper PHOTO $169.99 IN STOCK
CAT40-DC625 Drill Chuck, CAT40 Taper PHOTO $169.99 IN STOCK
CAT40-DC625B Drill Chuck, Black Oxide, CAT40 Taper PHOTO $159.99 IN STOCK
BT40-DC500B Drill Chuck, Black Oxide, BT40 Taper PHOTO $169.99 IN STOCK
NT40-DC500 Drill Chuck, NT40 Taper, Black Oxide PHOTO $89.99 IN STOCK
R8-DC500 Drill Chuck, R8 Taper PHOTO $139.99 IN STOCK
R8-DC625 Drill Chuck, R8 Taper PHOTO $199.99 IN STOCK
MT2-DC500 Drill Chuck, MT2 Taper PHOTO $89.99 IN STOCK
MT3-DC500 Drill Chuck, MT3 Taper PHOTO $89.99 IN STOCK

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