GMT FM45 Facemills

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FM45 Facemills
For general purpose facing and fine finishing, the GMT FM45 nickel-plated cutters are hard to beat. 20-degree positive inserts are held in 19-degree positive inclined pockets for low-vibration cutting. Can be used on smaller machines thanks to the low horsepower requirements.

Chip-thinning from the 45-degree lead angle allows increased feedrates by 50% over 90-degree cutters. Size ANSI SE43 (ISO SE 1204) square inserts maintain chip thinning to a cutting depth of 0.250". The chamfers on the inserts provide a wiper effect to minimize surface roughness. Inserts sold separately.

Model Cut Dia Bore Flutes Weight
FM45-250 63mm 1.000" 5 1.9 lbs
FM45-300 80mm 1.000" 6 2.75 lbs
FM45-400 100mm 1.250" 6 4.1 lbs
FM45-500 125mm 1.500" 8 7 lbs

Facemill Holder Compatibility
Model Holder
FM45-250 FM45-300 CAT40-FM100-175, R8-FM100
FM45-400 CAT40-FM125-200, R8-FM125
FM45-500 CAT40-FM150-200
FM45-250 FM45 Facemill - 2.5in (63mm) PHOTO $129.99 IN STOCK
FM45-300 FM45 Facemill - 3in (80mm) PHOTO $139.99 IN STOCK
FM45-400 FM45 Facemill - 4in (100mm) PHOTO $149.99 IN STOCK
FM45-500 FM45 Facemill - 5in (125mm) PHOTO $159.99 IN STOCK
CAT40-FM100-175 Facemill Holder - 1.00 Arbor, 1.75in PHOTO $99.99 IN STOCK
CAT40-FM125-200 Facemill Holder - 1.25 Arbor, 2.0in PHOTO $99.99 IN STOCK
CAT40-FM150-200 Facemill Holder - 1.50 Arbor, 2.0in PHOTO $99.99 IN STOCK
R8-FM100 Facemill Holder - 1.00 Arbor PHOTO $89.99 IN STOCK
R8-FM125 Facemill Holder - 1.25 Arbor PHOTO $89.99 IN STOCK

Integral Shank FM45 Cutters
Our NEW integral shank FM45 facemills feature the same geometry as our cutter bodies, and in addition, include integral shanks for decreased gage length and improved rigidity.

The R8-FM45-200 is ideal for low horsepower and benchtop machines. Two of the insert pockets can be left empty for minimal power consumption.

The R8-FM45-250 is ideal for larger benchtop and Bridgeport style mills. Inserts sold separately.

Model Cut Dia Flutes Weight
R8-FM45-200 50mm 4 2.0 lbs
R8-FM45-250 63mm 5 2.5 lbs
R8-FM45-300 80mm 6 3.0 lbs
R8-FM45-200 Integral Shank Facemill - 2in (50mm) PHOTO $199.99 IN STOCK
R8-FM45-250 Integral Shank Facemill - 2.5in (63mm) PHOTO $199.99 IN STOCK
R8-FM45-300 Integral Shank Facemill - 3in (80mm) PHOTO $199.99 IN STOCK

Inserts for FM45 Facemills
Kennametal SEHW43 and Korloy SEHT43 carbide inserts with four cutting edges are available for FM45 facemills.

SEHW43 Grade K2885 - General purpose grade, excellent for both roughing and finishing of steels and cast iron. Coolant is optional.

SEHT43 Grade X83 - Uncoated, polished, and ground. These high-positive inserts feature razor sharp edges for maximum productivity in aluminum as well as other non-ferrous metals and plastics. Use with coolant for cutting aluminum.
SEHW43-K2885 Kennametal Inserts (pack of 10) PHOTO $189.99 IN STOCK
SEHT43-X83 Korloy Inserts (pack of 10) PHOTO $199.99 IN STOCK
SEHW43-SCREW Replacement Screw for SE43 PHOTO $5.99 IN STOCK


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