SBR Supported Linear Rails and Ball Bearings

Hardened rails (62 Rockwell) supported by aluminum T-extrusions for maximum deflection resistance. Blocks consist of four-row circulating ball bushings in aluminum housings.

  • 1045 steel rails case-hardened to 62HRC
  • Extruded aluminum T-supports and blocks
  • 4-row circulating ball bearings
  • Rubber seals
  • Adjustable bearing preload

Sold in fixed lengths in packaged sets at discounted prices. Note: Holes in the aluminum extrusions are not precision cnc drilled and as such minor variations may occur. Customized lengths and packages are not available at this time.
SBR20-BLOCK 20mm Linear Ball Bearing Block $29.99 IN STOCK
SBR20-340-SET 20mm x 340mm Set, 2 Rails + 4 Blocks $119.99 IN STOCK
SBR20-480-SET 20mm x 480mm Set, 2 Rails + 4 Blocks $149.99 IN STOCK
SBR20-640-SET 20mm x 640mm Set, 2 Rails + 4 Blocks $159.99 IN STOCK
SBR20-940-SET 20mm x 940mm Set, 2 Rails + 4 Blocks $159.99 IN STOCK
SBR20-1240-SET 20mm x 1240mm Set, 2 Rails + 4 Blocks $199.99 IN STOCK
SBR20-1540-SET 20mm x 1540mm Set, 2 Rails + 4 Blocks $279.99 IN STOCK
SBR20-1800-SET 20mm x 1800mm Set, 2 Rails + 4 Blocks $329.99 IN STOCK
SBR20-2640-SET 20mm x 2640mm Set, 2 Rails + 6 Blocks $379.99 IN STOCK

SBR20 Specs & Dimensions
Rail Diameter: 20mm
Static Load Rating: 375 lbs force per block
Rail Diameter: 20mm +/- 0.0001"
Rail Roundness: 20mm +/- 0.0001"
Bearing Clearance: Fully Adjustable
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